Examples of margins, padding, and borders

viricorn! witch of rage! enfp-t! ravenpuff! chaotic good! 2w3! #FF1493! trainercard!

*walks out from behind tree* hey what's up guys it's scarce here. i'm asta if u can't tell and i am the #1 billy lenz stan don't fucking test me !! other applicable names would be my ids' names or just anything u wanna call me x3 ! my goal in life is to cosplay all my stupid kins so i can become ultimate kinnie god :33 currently im obsessed with slasher films and the band slipknot so if you're interested in either of those hmu ahaha,, my entire life basically revolves around my fandoms so sorry if i rave about them too much ;w;
anyways! you could probably tell i'm a scene kid XD but i'm also a mall goth and a punk/anarchist so !!! yea!!!!! i have this weird fascination for things from like the 60s - 2010 lol, i guess i was just born 10-50 years too late :"3 ... i just noticed that i end the majority of my sentences with emoticons XD so soz if u don't like that, i promise i don't normally talk like this XDD
pls message me i really enjoy meeting peoplee!! +if ur an aries sun i'll luv u forever owo !